There are only hours to the Polish Championships in orienteering 2015.

Before you start we are asking you about two things: come to the competition office early to avoid queues. Second, remember that at sprint you are a normal traffic participants, as well as other pedestrians. Movement within the old city is ..., but still there is - please be careful.

Both during the sprint and middle a deposit tent will be at your disposal.

During the sprint there will be video from 5 cameras, radiocontrol and 50 GPS transmitters. For those who will follow our event in front of the computer, we prepared Live Center (on the right). Saturday race take place as the World Ranking Event, we expect runners with a total of 9 countries, including Catherine Taylor of the UK, which is medalists of European Championships for seniors.

For the elite category winners apart from the cast medals, diplomas and vouchers from sponsors will win special prizes - for middle distance that will be compass-chip. At the sprint it will be... crown. True, heavy, royal crown for the king and queen of the sprint.

In addition, the winners of all categories will receive a multifunction scarves of Championships - thanks to the company COMPASS!


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WKS Wawel Sports Club
Podchorążych 3 street
30084 Kraków

Event Director:
Sławomir Cygler