Making of photo session

We present a short "making of" movie from June's photo session. Soon we'll publish most important effects of this work - photos. We reccommend switching to HD. Have a nice seance!

Embargoed areas

Areas, where championships will take place, are now officially closed to potential participants. To see detailed maps, go to the "competition areas" in "for the competitors" section. In these areas it is not allowed to organize trainings or competitions using any kind of map.

We already know the first details

We published the first and the most important information about Polish Championships in orienteering in 2015. In appropriate tabs you can familiarize yourself with the precise areas of competitions and program. Additionally, you can read about the history - both WKS "Wawel" Sports Club and orienteering in general. Enjoy reading!

Get ready for a unique race

Loads of tourists, unique places of the Old Town and among them, the struggle for prestige and Polish Champion title. It awaits us in June 2015 in Krakow. The competition will be focused on the pageantry - the event center in the recognizable spot, large screen, GPS-tracking and spectators. We want to show inhabitants of Krakow what is orienteering and how exciting it can be!

Here we go!

A year before the event we launch a website! Here you will find all information about the championships. The site will be regularry complemented by a further details - it is worth to visit regularly! We also encourage you to like our page on facebook.


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WKS Wawel Sports Club
Podchorążych 3 street
30084 Kraków

Event Director:
Sławomir Cygler