Competition areas

Sprint distance

The race will take place on Saturday, May 30th in the afternoon. Krakow's Old Town will be the arena, which usually is besieged by tourists and this will probably be one of the biggest challenges for competitors - running in a dense crowd. Sprint will be characterized by pageantry - the fans in the competition center will watch runners live on big screen, with special emphasis on women's and men's elite class.

Last used version of the map of the Old Town was that made for ​​the World Cup in 1990. It was not the standard of ISSOM. Still, demonstratively, we provide map HERE.

Middle distance

Race will be held on May 31st in the morning and around noon. Arena will be the eastern part of the Bronaczowa forest. The whole forest complex is characterized by an extremely challenging terrain - both in terms of navigation techniques, as well as physically. Middle distance will therefore be directed primarily at the highest level of sport, but will also feature some element of "show", which GPS tracking will provide.

Recent competition, which took place in the Bronaczowa forest was the Wawel Cup in 2008. Map of the competition is HERE.

These areas are embargoed. What does it mean?
These areas are closed to all runners, who can potentially take part in next year's Polish Championships.
In these areas it is not allowed to:
- staying (with the exception of roads and public places),
- organising trainigs or competitions using any kind of map,
- organising other trainings or competitions, even only running (e.g. routechoices testing)


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WKS Wawel Sports Club
Podchorążych 3 street
30084 Kraków

Event Director:
Sławomir Cygler