What is orienteering?

Imagine a road race, in which there is no rigidly defined route. Instead, players must run to several checkpoints. Which way to reach them - it depends on them. Everyone runs the same course, and the fastest wins. The trick is to select the fastest route between these checkpoints. During the race it is not easy, and you still need to implement the chosen option according to plan and maintain a fast pace.

Take a look at the orienteering map below. Triangle is a start, numbered circles are control points, and the double circle is a finish. Knowing that the gray rectangles are buildings (and you have to go around) - which way will you choose to point number one? From left, or right? This decision must be made in a split second. And this is the basis for fun in orienteering. At the finish line, after comparing routechoices, it turns out which variant was faster and where opponents made mistakes.


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